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Important News: Foot and Ankle

According to the National Center for Health Statistics; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; 2003 National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, more than 11 million visits were made to physicians' offices in 2003 because of foot, toe and ankle problems, including more than 2 million visits for ankle sprains and strains and more than 800,000 visits for ankle fractures. The most prevalent foot and ankle injuries are ankle sprains, Achilles tendon injury, overuse injuries and stress fractures called shin splints.

If your doctor has instructed you to remain non-weight bearing due to illness or injury, the Turning Leg Caddy® provides the answer to your question, “What will I do?” Don’t let foot or ankle injury or illness slow you down! The TLC® can keep you active, mobile and independent! In fact, use of the TLC® can lead to loss of pampering by your loved ones.

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